Empowering Young Adults for CAREER SUCCESS!!

Careers are the main focus of the FutureLink Program, but not just getting you a job… FutureLink will help you every step of the way.  From Job Searches, Resume Assistance, Work Experience Programs, Summer Jobs, Mentoring, Financial Aide and more.  Our Career managers can even meet with you anywhere!  Don’t miss out on an incredible opportunity to link up with YOUR FUTURE!  ***APPLY HERE***

Earn While You Learn!! This one-of-a-kind opportunity is designed to help young adults who didn’t complete high school obtain their HSE (High School Equivalency Certificate).  You can get PAID up to 20 hours per week for attending class on your way to obtaining your HSE. Ages 16-24 only.

Pre-Apprenticeship Programs offer opportunities to  go from no experience, to a certified Pre-Apprentice, ready for the next step, Apprenticeship!  participants in this program began with little or no experience and after completing a short 12-16 week program, they have opportunities to obtain certification in that field.  Examples: CDA for childcare, OSHA 10, Forklift Operator Certification, First Aid & Safety Training & more.

Want a DREAM JOB??  What if FutureLink can help?  WE CAN! Our career managers work closely with some of the most successful companies in our area to allow you to wrk their and gain the experience you need to succeed! Radio Stations, TV Stations, Hospitals, City Government, Parks & recreation, Fire Departments and more… FutureLink will help you explore your career options, and passion to help you find a link to career success.

The Summer Job Program is very similar to the Work Experience Program.  More information will be made available as we get it.  This program generally runs from May thru October.  Any questions ro want an update call us today!

The FutureLink Program partners with multiple agencies across our region. If we can’t help in a certain area, chances are we have a partner that can!  FutureLink is truly your link to the Future!  ***ACT NOW-APPLY HERE***



(417)629-3000 ask for FutureLink

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Ages 14-24 ONLY, eligibility requirements must be met.